Google Calendar Re-Authentication

We've lost permission to access your Google calendar for this account. In order to re-establish access, you'll need to re-authorize this application.

  1. Go to Google's account permissions page:
  2. Find the entry labeled
    TrustedPeer logo TrustedPeer Calendar

    If you can't find this entry, declare success and skip to the final step below!
  3. Select it, and then select Remove Access.
    This will enable us to re-authorize.
  4. Finally, return to the Calendar page:
    Calendar Registry,
    and try again by selecting Connect Google Calendar
    Google will re-prompt you to Grant Permission.

That's it, you should only need to do that once per Google account. If you see it happening more often, send us message so we can investigate. (Select the Help button at the bottom of this page.)

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