About iCloud Passwords

In order to connect an Apple iCloud calendar, you'll need to provide your AppleID (email) and an app-specific password. Please do not use your real AppleID password.

To get an app-specific password, you'll need to do the following

  1. Login to manage your Apple ID: appleid.apple.com
  2. Turn on Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), if not already enabled.
    2FA is required to enable the use of app-specific passwords. Enabling this will likely send an email or text message to you to verify authenticity. (Seriously, you should be using 2FA everywhere you can.)
  3. Select Generate Password...
    • Type a label for this password -- can be anything --.
    • Copy the generated password.
    Generating an App-Specific Password
  4. Paste this copied password into the "Add Account" password field associated with connecting an Apple iCloud calendar to CO.LAB Program and Mentor Network Platform.

You don't need to remember or write-down this app-specific password as you'll never type it in again. We'll store an encrypted version of it with your account and use it whenever wee need to check you availability.

If you ever change your regular AppleID password, Apple will automatically revoke all app-specific passwords, so you'll have to repeat the above steps.

You can revoke CO.LAB Program and Mentor Network Platform access to your iCloud calendars by simply returning to appleid.apple.com, selecting app-specific password history, and removing access for the password with the label you created.

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