Meeting Logistics

For meetings, you need to select how the meeting will take place.

Initially, we set the meeting type to be a phone call, and provide the Mentor with the phone number of the person who requested the meeting, and we expect the Mentor to initiate the call.

This can be changed, of course. Either party may set meeting logistics from the meeting's input page — either the Pre-Meeting Questionnaire or the meeting Worksheet. In the Meeting Details section there is a Change button which allows you to set logistics.

In the popup, we provide a few common ways to interact, but you can type anything in the final field. This allows you to use a different phone number, Skype, Google Hangout, Zoom, Webex, GoToMeeting whatever you like.

Logistics Popup

When a change is made, we'll send a calendar update attachment to both party's email: If your calendar of choice updates from emails, you should get the updated logistics in your calendar update.

TrustedPeer is often asked about integrating a virtual meeting platform. This is something we'd loved to do, but current issues are:

  • Not all browsers are powerful / capable enough to support a built-in solution. If everyone were to use the latest version of Google Chrome, for example, life would be simpler. But as we need to continue to support some versions of Internet Explorer, we cannot use a simple solutions. (WebRTC is almost there!)
  • Plugin solutions are not universally allowed. We find corporate users are (often) restricted such that they cannot use a particular plugin. So, regardless what we choose, not everyone will be able / permitted to use it.
  • Dictating a third party solution (Skype, for example) has similar issues as #2. Some environments don’t permit it. Plus, sometimes meeting in the local coffee shop is the best choice!

So, we fall back to something simpler and less satisfying: We simple allow you to use whatever you like and add that information (urls, Zoom links, skypeid, whatever) to the meeting logistics.

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