Message Aliases

As you enter message recipients in the To or Reply fields, you may be able to use aliases to easily send the same message to groups of people.

Not all aliases are available to everyone: some are for administrative purposes; some are privileged for security reasons. Aliases available to you will be included with the auto-complete suggestions. So, if the alias is suggested to you, you can use it.

After selecting an alias, you can use the Verify Recipients button to see how the aliases are resolved. Each recipient will receive only a single copy of any message, regardless of how many aliases they may be included in.

Alias Types

Browse Categories
Content Managers and most Mentors can send messages to all members of a Browse Category. This list will match the set of Mentors you see on the search page. If you select a high-level category, the message will go all members of that category and all members in its subcategories.

Aliases of this type are displayed within brackets, e.g., [Marketing]

Content Manager can send to all people with the same role. The two major roles supported are User (which is all users) and Mentor (for that subset of users who are Mentors. There is not a role alias for covering only users who are not Mentors.

Aliases of this type are displayed with a leading period, e.g., .Users

Groups / Teams
Content Managers and Group / Team Leaders can use Group aliases. Group aliases will send the message to members of the group or team only. Users who are members of subgroups, or administrators who only have access to parent groups are not included.

Content Managers can use any group; others can use only aliases for groups they lead.

Aliases of this type are displayed with a leading at-sign, e.g., @Tony's Team

Note, Content Managers can also use advanced messaging from Content Mgr dashboard Groups tab. There, they can message group and all groups contained by the selected group.

Program Aliases

There are no specific Program-related aliases. You can use the Program's Chat feature to send an instant message to all members of a particular program. There is not currently an easy way to send the same message to all users of the same program template.

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