Message Details

Selecting a message from the Message list, or clicking on a message link in an email or text will display the message's detailed view.

Message Details example

At the top of the message window are buttons to:
Return to view the list of messages.
< View the previous, "older", message.
> View the next, "newer", message

Attachments (if any) are displayed at the bottom of the message.

If you're looking at a message you have sent, you can see if the recipient has read the message. Click on read status (just to the right of the To field) and you'll get a list of all recipients. Note this reflects messages read on the platform: we cannot determine if someone has read the message that was sent to their regular email.

Some messages generated by the platform help drive the work flow: there will be buttons and links within the message directing you to your next action, perhaps confirming a meeting date, or approving a request.

Creating (or Replying to) Messages

Click on the New or Reply to compose a message. This creates a popup form which is further described in Creating Messages.

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