Program Viewing

A program consists of a set of objectives. You can view details by clicking on the plus sign (+) to expand the objective.

Programs are visible to: members of the program team, the program's Administrator, all of the program's Mentors (if any). Programs are accessed by selecting:

Active programs are also visible on the user's Home dashboard.

The program is assigned to a single individual, or to a team. (If it is for a team, it will say so at the top, and will list all members of the team: Team Leader is indicated by an ‘*’.) The Mentor for this program (if assigned) is listed above the objectives, together with a Chat to facilitate communications between the Mentor and this user or team. All interactions are saved with this program.

Due Date

Each objective may have a due date. This can be set by an administrator.


The status of each objective is either (blank), Late, or Completed.

  • Blank is used if the objective either has no due date, or the due date is in the future.
  • In Progress is displayed if any of this objective's tasks have been checked.
  • Due means the objective has a due date and it is today(!)
  • Late indicates the objective has a due date in the past, and the objective has not been marked completed. Objectives marked complete after the due date are indicated simply as Completed.
  • Completed means the objective has been marked complete.

You can mark an objective completed only if there is an active button next to the due date. Otherwise, only a Mentor or administrator can mark the objective complete. The completion date, and the name of the person who marked it completed are recorded.

Example of marking a objective complete


If this program has a Mentor, or the Objective has a Subject Matter Mentor, you can easily send messages between Mentor(s) and Mentee(s) using the integrated chat window. Others will receive email notice and can update from their Program window.

Subject Matter Mentor (if there is one) has their own chat window, within the objective. The Program-level chat sends to Mentors and Team members.

Example sending a message


Each Objective may have a set of tasks. These are for your convenience and may be checked off, in any order, by anyone. Task completion does not affect Objective status. You can mark an objective complete without checking off all of the tasks, and checking off all tasks does not automatically mark an objective complete.

Example checking off tasks


Attachments can be uploaded at either the Program level, Program Attachments, or at the Objective level, Objective Attachments. (Expand the objective first, in order to make an objective attachment. Anyone with access to this program may add or view any attachment, but only the person who added the attachment may remove it. (Mouse over the attachment's name to see who uploaded the file and when it was uploaded.)

Example attaching a document

Update Mentor(s)

Some programs may allow the user to select or update the program's mentor. If permitted, there will be an input labeled Update Mentor(s). To add or change the Mentor, start typing the name of the new Mentor and then Select from the resulting list.

Example Mentor selection

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