Mentor's Role in Meetings

Meetings are intended to be a structured interaction. We provide communication and organizing tools to guide and record this interaction.

You can view all your Meetings (active and completed) using:

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The reasons to use this tool rather than regular email or "just a meeting" are:

  • Organized: User fills out a pre-meeting questionnaire. This encourages the User to consider why they want to meet & what they expect to get out of the meeting.
  • Captured: Communications (messages and attachments) between Mentor and User are recorded along with the Meeting. This means you don't have to sift through emails looking for previous messages. Plus, the information will be available to you next time you interact with the same person, or with someone with a similar question or issue.
  • Private: Email contents and attachments are not sent in the clear across the internet. Attachments are encrypted and stored only on the platform.
  • Logged: Analytics allows everyone to know interactions actually took place.

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