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This section allows you to set pricing for your sessions, an

If you allow timed billing sessions, we'll display a table providing calculated values for a set of example session durations. The table is automatically updated as you change your rates under the Timed Billing section.

Variably timed sessions allows the user to customize the requested meeting duration, and the you can enter actual meeting duration at the conclusion of the session. This will generate a final bill, if meeting requires payment.

Otherwise, the user simply selects either a 30 or 60 minute session.

Minimum Session Duration
Initially, we set the minimum session duration to be 15 minutes, allowing a Client to request a meeting time 15-minutes or longer. If you allow variably timed sessions, you may set a different minimum time here.
Session Base Fee
All sessions, regardless of length are charged this amount as a base, then the incremental fees (below) are added based on the session's duration.
Session Fee, per 15-minute increment
The charge for a variably timed session is calculated by multiplying this value times the number of 15-minute blocks, and adding that value to the Base Fee (above). For example, a 60-minute session will be billed at Base + four times this dollar value.
SSR Fee, per 15-minute increment
If the Client requests a Session Summary Report, this is an fee added to the Session fee.
Because longer sessions require extra work on your part, this charge is also calculated by multiplying this value times the number of 15-minute blocks.
SSR Fee, Minimum
Because there's a minimum amount of effort you'll need to expend to write a good SSR, this value allows you to set a minimum charge.
The minimum is equivalent to this duration times the SSR Fee (above).
For example, this allows you to set a Minimum Session Duration to "15 minutes", and Minimum SSR Fee to "30 minutes". Which means you'll accept a 15-minute session, but the cost for the SSR for that session will be the same as the cost of an SSR for a 30-minute session: or two times the listed SSR Fee above.

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